Getting overwhelmed by thoughts of how to get ahead in life after school is unavoidable. However, here are a few hacks to help you fast track yourself to a successful career.

This post was actually inspired by Richard Yang, a UX Designer at Sony who went from no experience to a six-figure salary in less than a year. There’s a lot to be learnt from Richard’s story and here are a few added tips to help you accelerate your journey.

You’re almost there..

Create a vision board

To kick-start your zero-to-hero journey, you’re going to need a vision board. One that answers the questions;

  • What goal(s) do I want to achieve?
  • What skills will I need?
  • What are my targets for this week/month?

Keep in mind that a physical vision board that you will be able to see (hence, vision)everyday is what we’re talking about, not your verbal plans. Get a board, get sticky notes. Write down your goal, the big picture you’re gunning for and what you need to do to achieve it. Write. Everything. Down.

Identify your resources and how to get to them

You have clearly defined your vision; the goals you want to achieve. You’re going to need resources, skills and tools to help you achieve your goals.

Identifying them should be pretty easy with the intervention of the ever helpful Internet. You should find out how to get to these skills (physically or otherwise). With the help of YouTube and sites like Coursera and code Academy, you can learn pretty much anything online.

Valid question..

Leverage your social media as well, talk to people who have similar goals as yours. Read as many articles as you can on the field you’re interested in, follow experts online and find out what tools helped them grow.

Download the right apps, books and toolkits to expedite your learning process.

Create a routine, stick to it (Put in the hours)
To truly get yourself to maximum productivity, you’re going to need a routine. Draw it up on your phone or with a pen and paper. Set aside a couple of hours everyday to work on getting to your goal.

Notice my emphasis on the physical; you need to be able to see these things everyday as a constant reminder of where you’re headed and how you’re getting there.

Write. Everything. Down.

In fact, it would be great if you had a small jotter you take around with you to also put down ideas and possible pet projects you can work on. Also, you should go into every week with a drawn out plan for the things you want to achieve.

After you’ve created your routine, you’re going to have to stick to it to truly get to where you’re headed. No use deceiving yourself if you’re really not doing anything. If you’re a procrastinator like me, James Clear has quite the number of helpful tips for you.

Get an internship

Get yourself placed in an internship position in line with your goals. Learn as much as you can on the job, while still finding a way to stick to your routine (you will have to make an adjustable routine here). I realize how difficult that sounds but for where you’re headed, it will be completely worth it eventually.

You may have found an amazing idea you want to work on and don’t think you should be wasting time in an organization, you will find that an internship is a great move for you as an entrepreneur. Find the best opportunities with us at


In addition to working on sharpening your skill-set (this is an exercise that should never stop no matter how skilled you think you are), you will need a productive network to fast track your journey. Networking is an important part of your career and should be taken seriously.

While at your internship, make sure to identify people in the best position to contribute to your growth. Maintain a relationship with these people, a mentor will be most useful as well. The aim is to expand your network such that you are surrounded by people who are constantly keeping you on your toes, making you want to be better, introducing you to new opportunities.

Track your Progress

With the vision board you had previously created, you should keep track of how far you have come along and lapses that need to be worked on. It helps to constantly give feedback to yourself on your progress so there’s constant improvement in your journey.

All the best!

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